iCoin Canada -iPhone App by Sugarware Technologies

iCoin is a Canadian dollar money counter made for waiters, store owners, visitors to Canada, children and youth, and anyone else who needs to quickly determine the value of their pocket change and have fun while doing so!
– simple and intuitive to use
– great graphics and sound effects
– choose between realistic coin photos or coins with $ labels if unfamiliar with Canadian currency
– add/subtract any number of coins at once by using a spinning wheel or by touching a coin icon
– clear your balance anytime by shaking the iPhone
– your balance is automatically saved when you quit the application, start and stop anytime
– auto expanding scroll wheels make adding large number of coins a breeze
– Full version $1.99, Lite version: FREE
– add both COINS and BILLS in the Full version, coins only in the Lite version
– Full version imposes no limits on how many bills/coins can be added, Lite version: limit of 9 coins per denomination