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Medisoft Medical Billing Software has a new version- Medisoft v20! Medisoft 20 has an awesome new Mobile app that billers, doctors, and front desk staff will love. Check out this Medisoft Demo to see what everyone is excited about in Medisoft 20.

For Medisoft sales, support and training, call AZCOMP at 877.422.2032, or visit us at This is quick demonstration of the all new Medisoft mobile app found in Medisoft v20. The demo is shown with an iPad, but is also programmed for Android.

Video Transcript:

I’m going to show you some fo the features found on the Medisoft mobile app only in Medisoft version 20. The new app is going to do some simple yet really cool things that you’re going to love. First will be the patients. They’re going to be entering the own information, which makes it more accurate, So less mistakes mean less rejections. Second the front desk no longer has to deal with loads of paper, and they’re not wasting tons of time entering new patient’s information because the patients are already doing that. And third providers can already submit charges electronically, which will be in medisoft, and this means there will be less manual labor for billers nd claims can go out much sooner. So let me show you quickly how all of this would work. As you can see on the screen , that’s going to be your basic schedule, and on the left-hand side, you’re going to see your mini-schedule. At top is the date you can select. Below that is the provider if I want it to be multiple providers just select 2 names, it’ going to show me multiple. I just want the one. You’ll just have the one scheduled up. If I want to have a view a week schedule for the provider? I can click right here, and it’s going to show me that week view of that my provider. So if I have an existing patient coming in, I’m going to pull off their name here off the schedule, and I’m going to hit patient intake.

Since this patient is already an existing patient, all of the information is going to be populated but it’s going to have them look through it and then update the information like “oh man I changed my address, let me update that. When they go through each section at the end, they’re going to see “I’m finished”. They’re going to click on this. That’s going to lock the system. So they can’t log in, so they don’t have a username and password. So they are going to hand it back over to the staff, who’s then going to enter their username and password and have access to everything. If I have a new patient that’s coming in, their screen is going to look slightly different, but it’s going to be the same questions. Anything that you would normally have on paper is now going to be electronic. So instead of handing people a clipboard when they come in, you’re going to be handing them an IPad. So here I’m going to put intake and “hello to our clinic. I’m going to ask you some questions to fill out the information. And that will take them through normally anything that you will be asking them. You’re going to be going through the contact information, the employment information, payment responsibility, emergency contact, the insurance, “do you have an insurance plan?” “Yes, I do.””Hmm, here’s my insurance provider. That’s 3 right here, and the policy holder’s name is this, the address. The policy holder that’s my spouse. This is my number. You’re going to enter your medical history. Everything that they’re spending time doing right now on paper, the staff is going to have to re-enter manually. And now that you’re doing it electronically, so it’s going to cut back on the time. And you’re going to have a form. I need everybody to sign form A and form B, so I can upload those. Here I’m going to be able to look through it, sign it, and that’s going to be part of it. Same thing when they’re done, I’m going to hit I’m finished, and then hand it back over to the staff. So that’s the cool part of the new patient intake whether they are existing or new. That’s going to save lots of time and your front staff is going to love it. So let’s say I’m going to need to ass a new patient, I’m a doctor here at the hospital making rounds. And I would quickly add a new patient. Here I’m going to click “ADD Patient,” and then I’m going to add in just a few basic information, and then I’m going to hit done. This system, it’s going to flag me if it’s a duplicate. “Oh, somebody with that same name and same birthday. So I select that person. And I’m not creating a new duplicate. Then…This is the part that your biller is going to love it, and your doctor’s definitely going to love it too. The docto’r’s going to be able to enter charges right on the app. Here when you click on your patient, you’re going to see this, and you simply hit add charges, and it is going to take you to the electronic super bill.

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