Leveraging Web Technologies in Healthcare

Leveraging Web 2.0 technologies in healthcare is explained by Melanie Matthews, executive vice president and COO of the Healthcare Intelligence Network. She uses real-life examples to demonstrate how the Mayo Clinic, UAB Health System and the Medical University of South Carolina are benefitting from exposure on YouTube and iTunes and how Web 2.0 technologies can extend the marketing reach for health products and services.

Visit http://store.hin.com/Web-20-in-Healthcare-Case-Studies_p_205-3764.html to learn more about leveraging Web 2.0 technologies in healthcare.

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Web technology expert Mark Pesce on The Alcove

Fascinating conversation with technology expert, consultant, teacher and author Mark Pesce. Pesce recently spoke at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York, and in this discussion he provides his thoughts and opinions on where we are with web and mobile technology, and most importantly, on its critical social and political impact on us all today.